Fibre Optic Networks

In a multimedia age the backbone of a network needs to facilitate enough bandwidth to support our ever increasing demands. Fibre is the accepted standard to deliver the speed and capacity we need but it comes in many different forms.

We specialise in designing, installing, terminating and testing fibre of all shapes and sizes.

We can install:

  • MM - Multi-Mode Optical Fibre - 50/125, 62.5/125
  • SM - Single-Mode Optical Fibre - 9/125
  • Pre-terminated Fibre Solutions
  • Blown Fibre

We also carry out most types of fibre testing:

  • OTDR
  • ILM
  • ORL
  • CD
  • PMD

All fibre is installed and tested using the latest equipment and test results can be provided in a variety of formats. We are highly experienced in both indoor and outdoor installations, including projects within the public highway. We regularly carry out long distance and subsea cable testing for some of Europe’s major carriers.

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Fibre Optic Networks

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What Our Clients Say

  • "Whilst some building work was being carried out on campus a critical fibre link was damaged. Blue Network Solutions had an engineer on site within 4 hours and soon after our link was repaired, tested and back up and running as if nothing had happened." - Adrian Fisher, AFA

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